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Nothing beats a personalised approach

Welcome! My name is Suren Vis, and I am the proud owner of SWEETS FOR ALL. In March 2018, I took over the original Watford Market sweet shop, and we have now moved to our new showroom on Cherry Tree Road. As a sweet shop owner, it is important to me that each and every customer feels valued and receives great service, so if there is something you’d like, or you have any suggestions, just ask!

At SWEETS FOR ALL, you can make your own sweet cones or create a tailored selection of just your favourites. There are a wide range of sweets on offer to cater for everyone, including sugar free, halal, vegetarian, vegan, and more! 



We've moved from Watford market

Couldn’t find us in the new Watford Market? Don’t panic! SWEETS FOR ALL has recently moved to a new showroom on Cherry Tree Road. Please note, we are now open by appointment only, so if you have a question, wish to browse our sweet selection, or make an order, then please get in touch.

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